Prof. Dr. bakail moncef

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Director of the African studies laboratory , Algeria

Cité AADL Bat A 1 Baba Hassen Alger


16000 Algiers


Forschung und Projekte

Derzeitige Position(en)

Professor and director of the African studies Laboratory

Aktuelle(s) Projekt(e)

CNEPRU: African resistance to colonial rule. 1884-1914.

Frühere Position(en)

Director genral of the High National school of Tourism , Algiers , Algeria.


Monographien (und Dissertation)

Master of Arts in African history. University of Exeter 1989.
Doctorat d"état in African history and politics; University of Algiers.
-The role of Algeria and its diplomacy in the liberation of Africa Dar El Oumma, Algiers 2016. ISBN: 978-9961-67-391-1 , 283 pages
Studies and research in the history of sub-Saharan Africa (Dar El Oumma , 2017) in Arabic and English languages. ISBN: 978-9961-67-397-3, 407 pages.
Lights on Africa. Dar es Sabil, Algiers, 2009. (in Arabic language).
- The development of the national movement in East Africa until the recovery of independence. Dar es Sabil, Algiers, 2009. (in national language) . Dar es Sabil, Ben Aknoun, Alger, ISBN: 978-9947-914--62-5 1, 360 Pages.
- British colonialism in Africa. Dar es Sabil, Algiers, 2009. (in national language). Dar Es Sabil; Alger; 2009. ISBN: 978-9947-914-54-0


1- “African heritage and globalization” (in Algerian Review of Political Siences and Information). In Arabic language. 2003-2004; ISSN: 1111-4479
2- The Maji Maji rebellion in Tanzania against German imperialism. 1905-1907 (in the Social sciences Journal). Année 2004-2005. ISSN: 1112-346-X
3- Popular uprisings in Tanzania against German rule. 1888 - 1907.
4- "The ivory Coast between the construction of the modern state and the resistance to French imperialism". (The review of social sciences), NO 15 , Algiers, 2010. In Arabic language. ISSN: 1111-4479
5 - "the role of tourism in the socio-economic development of Algeria". (the daily El Moudjahid). 2005. (in French language).
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Short Scientific articles on line;
1 - Kongo Kingdom, in Nile today. January 2, 2016.
Published on 23 décembre 2015Auteur réseau Zia Catégories Études et recherche Scientifique. 2016. 2016. See also
Maroc Afrique‏ @MarocAfrique_ma.
“Why African contribution to World War 1 in East Africa. remains a footnote to European history” in . … via @academia

1 - Some Facts about the Monomotapa Kingdom.
2 -Western Sahara: The last colony in Africa. Remembering the western Sahara.
3 - The untold story: African contribution to World War 1 in East Africa.
4 - Le NEPAD : Adaptation à la Mondialisation et défi au troisième millénaire.
5 - German East Africa: 1885-1918.
6 - The Arab contribution to the discovery of the Americas.
7 - Algeria: the making of an economic diplomacy. 1967 – 1978.
8 – A short history of Guinea-Bissau.
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Sub-saharan Africa.