Prof. Dr. László Kontler

Department of History

Central European University

Forschung und Projekte

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Aktuelle(s) Projekt(e)

Reception of William Robertson in Germany
Maximilian Hell and the circulation of knowledge in 18c (Central) Europe

Frühere Position(en)

Fulbright visiting scholar, Rutgers University, NJ, 1991-1992
Guest lecturer, Eötvös University, Budapest, 1992-2009
Marie Curie Fellow, European University Institute, Florence, 2005-2006


Monographien (und Dissertation)

Millennium in Central Europe. A History of Hungary, Budapest 1999 / Basingstoke 2002.
Translations, Histories, Enlightenments. William Robertson in Germany 1760-1795, Basingstoke (forthcoming 2014)


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Herausgeberschaften und Editionen

Enlightenment and Communication. Regional Experiences and Global Consequences, special issue of European Review of History/Revue européenne d’histoire 13,3 (2006)
(with Jaroslav Miller) Friars, Nobles and Burghers - Sermons, Images and Prints. Studies of Culture and Society in Early-Modern Europe, Budapest 2010.

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