Ivana Mihaela Zimbrek (M.A.)

PhD candidate


Central European University

Forschung und Projekte

Aktuelle(s) Projekt(e)

"Links in the Chain: Department Stores, Modernization of Retail, and Transformations of Urban Space in Socialist Yugoslavia, 1950s-1980s"



"Book Review: Coca-Cola Socialism: Americanization of Yugoslav Culture in the Sixties. By Radina Vučetić. Translated by John K. Cox." Hungarian Historical Rewview 8, 1 (2019): 251-253

"The Unrealized Department Store "Na-Ma" in Trnje: Ambitions and Challenges in Expanding the Retail Network and Creating the Urban Space in Zagreb in the Early 1960s." Peristil: Scholarly Journal of Art History 61, 1 (2018): 213-227

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