Legacies of War


University of Leeds: Leeds, UK

"The Legacies of War Centenary project is run by colleagues at the University of Leeds who have research interests in different aspects of the First World War. The 2014-18 centenary of what was referred to at the time as the ‘Great War’ will be a time for reflection and debate about what happened during the war and what its profound and long-term consequences were. Members of the Legacies of War project will participate in and help to coordinate a series of events and activities that will take place across Leeds in 2014-18 in theatres, cinemas, museums, galleries and at the University. These events will commemorate and explore different histories of the First World War, and will examine its multiple historical, cultural and social legacies. The result will be an exciting and varied programme of events that responds to widespread public interest in this crucial period of our history. The research and activities will be structured around five strands: Yorkshire and the Great War, Culture and the Arts, Science and Technology, War and Medicine and War and Resistance. The University houses The Liddle Collection, an archive of the First World War which includes items such as original letters and diaries, photographs, as well as written and tape-recorded recollections. The Liddle Collection provides the University with an excellent resource for exploring and researching the First World War. We are interested in hearing from organisations or individuals who would like to work in partnership with us."
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