Prof. Dr. Jyotirmoy Banerjee


International Relations (retd.)

Jadavpur Univ.(retd.)

Forschung und Projekte

Derzeitige Position(en)

retired Professor

Aktuelle(s) Projekt(e)

Refugee Influx and the Identity Debate in Germany

Frühere Position(en)

Professor of International Relations


Monographien (und Dissertation)

Refugees and Terror in Europe. A Case Study of Germany (Setu, Kolkata, 2017),
'Directed' jihad :Berlin, Washington and the Sword of Islam (Minerva, Kolkata, 2010),
GDR and Detente. Divided Germany and he East-West Conflict,( Europa Union Verlag, Bonn, 1981)
among many others.


Over one hundred, published in journals of India, USA, Germany.