Vadim Jigoulov (PhD)


Philosophy and Religious Studies

Morgan State University

Forschung und Projekte


Monographien (und Dissertation)

Monograph "Lost Civilizations: The Phoenicians" at Reaktion Books, Ltd. (London, U. K., 2022)

Leading author of the textbook “Scriptures of Ancient Judaism.” Cognella Publishing. Finished two preliminary editions which are in use at three universities and colleges. First edition publication date August 2020.

Monograph “The Social History of Achaemenid Phoenicia: Being a Phoenician, Negotiating Empires” in the series BibleWorld, Equinox Publishing Ltd., London, UK (2010).


Chapter “Phoenicia under the Achaemenid Empire” in Oxford Handbook of the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean. Oxford University Press (Oxford University Press, 2019).

Book review of “Interpreting Exile: Displacement and Deportation in Biblical and Modern Contexts.” Edited by Brad E. Kelle; Frank Ritchel Ames; and Jacob L. Wright. Ancient Israel and Its Literature, vol. 10. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2011. Journal of the American Oriental Society3 (2016): 625-27.

Book review of “Ancient Phoenicia: An Introduction” by Mark Woolmer (London: Bristol Classical Press, 2011). Journal of the American Oriental Society3 (2015): 14- 15.

Entries “Phoenicia,” “Astarte,” “Melqart,” “Eshmun,” “Tanit,” “Baalat Gebal/Gubal,” and “Baal Saphon/Zaphon” in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Ancient Mediterranean Religions (Routledge, December 2015).

Book review of “A Monetary and Political History of the Phoenician City of Byblos in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries B.C.E. (History, Archaeology, and Culture of the Levant)” by A. Elayi and J. Elayi (Eisenbrauns: 2014). [] (2016)

Book review of “Judah and the Judeans in the Achaemenid Period: Negotiating Identity in an International Context.” Edited by Oded Lipschits; Gary N. Knoppers; and Manfred Oeming . Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 2011. Journal of the American Oriental Society 135.2 (2015): 365-68.

Non-fiction book "A Record of Interesting Choices." Lulu Press, 2014.

Articles “Colonization, Phoenician” and “Sidon” in Wiley-Blackwell's Encyclopedia of Ancient History (2013).

Consultant and translator for the volume “The Story of a Life: Memoirs of a Young Jewish Woman in the Russian Empire” by R. Greene and Y. Avrutin (Northern Illinois University Press, 2012)

Article “Administration of Achaemenid Phoenicia: A Case for Managed Autonomy” in Exile and Restoration Revisited: Essays on the Babylonian and Persian Period in Memory of Peter R. Ackroyd, edited by L. Grabbe, G. Knoppers, and O. Lipschits. T&T Clark (Edinburgh, UK) (2009): 138-51.

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Book review of “Gottes Recht als Menschenrecht. Rechts- und literaturhistorische Studien zum Deuteronomium.” By. E. Otto. Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für Altorientalische und biblische Rechtsgeschichte (BZAR Band 2). Herausgeben von Eckart Otto. Wiesbaden: Harrasowitz Verlag, 2002 in Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions Volume 3 (2003): 107-117.