AGB - § 3 Registration and conclusion of contract

(1) The use of various services requires the registration of the User. The one-time registration and creation of a user account are currently required for the following services:

  • Administration of subscriptions to the Clio-online listserv (including mailing lists, alerting services, selection services of H-Soz-Kult[2], Connections: a Journal for Historians and Area Specialists[3], Zeitgeschichte-online[4], and[5]);
  • Creation and modification of entries in Clio-online directories (including the Directory of Scholars in the Historical Sciences (Forscher/innen-Verzeichnis), the Institution Directory, and the Web Resource Directory);
  • Personalization of services (e.g., My Clio);
  • Registration as author and co-author, publisher, or editor for access to publication and communication platforms (e.g., H-Soz-Kult, Themenportal Europäische Geschichte[6], Connections, Docupedia-Zeitgeschichte, Visual History, Zeitgeschichte-online, Zeithistorische Forschungen, ZZF e-Dok-Server[7]);
  • Advertising of offers of jobs, scholarships, study programs, and apartments.

(2) Registration as a prerequisite for the conclusion of a contract between the parties requires the entry of the User’s personal data (email address, surname, first name, and institutional affiliation or location). These data are collected for the purpose of maintaining a scientific standard. Registration under a pseudonym or any other name is not permitted. For the advertisement of some offers, such as job and scholarship announcements, the address and a password must also be provided. The registration and the creation of a user account are done online by filling out and sending a form. Additional information for the Clio-online "Researcher Directory"[8] or the display of an author profile on the portals (including H-Soz-Kult) is optional. The registration takes place electronically.

(3) The conclusion of a contract for the use of services offered by Clio-online comes about after registration, i.e., entry of personal data at, acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions by clicking on them, acceptance of the Privacy Policy by clicking on it, and the subsequent sending of an email containing personal user data by Clio-online. By registering, the User accepts these GTC and the Privacy Policy.

(4) Clio-online reserves the right to reject registration applications or to exclude registered users from using services requiring registration without stating a reason.

(5) Each registered User may at any time delete or modify his or her registration in "My Clio" provided that there are no legal requirements to the contrary or the data is still necessary for purposes for which it was collected (including public interest). With the deletion of personal data, the contractual relationship with Clio-online ends. The relationship may also be terminated through request and confirmation.

[2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7] services of Clio-online e.V.

[8] See § 6 Terms and conditions.