AGB - § 12 Liability

(1) The use of the offer of Clio-online is at the User’s own risk. Clio-online accepts no liability for any damage to the User's hardware or software.

(2) Clio-online endeavors to make the offer available continuously and for an unlimited period of time. Clio-online accepts no liability for disruptions in availability or if the offer does not work without errors for other reasons, regardless of the cause.

(3) The publication of information by Clio-online is without guarantee. This applies in particular to data concerning locations and the actual implementation of announced events. For all contributions published via Clio-online, the person creating the contribution is responsible (also in terms of the Press Act). Clio-online is liable at most for published contributions within the framework of these terms and conditions. Contributions identified by name reflect the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Clio-online. Clio-online is not liable for any incorrect information or other content in contributions marked by name or not further identified.

(4) Clio-online is expressly not liable for the use of any kind or publication of any contributions or data of users by foreign collaborative partners. Clio-online is not liable for rights arising, for example, from the application of foreign law on copyright or personality protection. With these GTC, Clio-online has sufficiently pointed out foreign collaborations and the possible application of foreign law. Clio-online has no influence on the further use or publication of contributions and data by foreign, non-European collaborative partners.

(5) Clio-online is not liable for direct or indirect references to external websites ("hyperlinks") that lie outside the responsibility of Clio-online. Clio-online hereby expressly declares that at the time the links were created, no illegal content was evident on the linked pages. Clio-online has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design, content, or authorship of the linked pages and is not liable for them.

(6) Liability for damages is generally excluded, with the exception of cases in which legislation provides for mandatory and unalterable liability. In the case of gross negligence, liability is limited to the damage typically foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the contract. Liability for loss of data is limited to the typical cost of restoration. This is calculated according to the damage that would have occurred if reasonable backup measures had been taken (e.g., making backup copies).

(7) Clio-online accepts no liability for unsolicited contributions of any kind, including images, books, sources, electronic media files, or comparable documents or materials.

(8) If notwithstanding the above provisions, Clio-online is liable for any legal reason whatsoever, such liability shall be limited to intent and gross negligence.