AGB - § 5 Email subscription

(1) Under the address "" Clio-online operates a server for mailing lists, hereinafter referred to as "list server". Email messages are sent to registered users via this list server.

(2) Only contributions designated for publication by Clio-online will be published via the list server.

(3) In emails sent via the list server, the sender, the author of the message (contributor), and, if possible, a responsible editorial member (sender) are always visible. With this process, Users who are not authors gain knowledge of personal data of the contributing User (email address, first name, last name, institution/location). The authors/contributors expressly agree to this through these terms and conditions. Clio-online is not liable for the misuse of this data by users or third parties.

(4) Each email will contain a link to unsubscribe from the mentioned emails [9].

[9] By members of the editorial offices and editorial boards of Clio-online. These editorial offices and editorial boards are composed of Clio-online employees, employees of partner projects as well as associated editors and collaborative partners. Member lists of the Clio-online editorial offices and editorial boards are accessible via the subject portal