AGB - § 6 Clio-online directories

(1) As part of its subject-related Internet services directories, Clio-online operates a database of professional historianscalled "Forscher-Verzeichnis" (“Researcher Directory”). Only registered users of Clio-online are included in this directory.

(2) In order to be included in the researcher directory, the inquiring person must meet formal qualifications (minimum requirement: university degree in history or related disciplines and/or an institutional affiliation [member of an academic institution or a research college]). Registered users have the opportunity to provide information to the "Researcher Directory" about themselves, their qualification and research profile, and their professional activities. This data is collected for the purpose of maintaining a scientific standard.

(3) In the future, one portrait photo can be entered per entry. The User is explicitly informed that by voluntarily providing the photo, he/she agrees to the processing of this data for the aforementioned purpose. Only photos for which the User has a right of use may be used. It is incumbent upon the User to obtain certainty about the property rights of third parties and to observe these. Reference is made to §§ 8 and 9.

(4) The publication of information in the "Researcher Directory" shall only take place with the express consent of the User.

(5) Further databases of Clio-online include directories of historical institutions ("Institution Directory") and historical Internet resources ("Web Directory"). The Institution Directory contains addresses and contact data; information on contact persons, staff and projects, research priorities, and information services; publications and holdings of German and international archives, libraries, museums, institutes, chairs, associations, publishers and other institutions of the historical sciences. The web directory is based on library standards for what are known as subject gateways and lists websites of historical research, databases, materials, reference works, and other portals.

(6) Registered users of Clio-online may be granted the possibility of entering information in the "Institution Directory" or the "Web Directory", or to revise records, provided that these users are employees/contributors of the referenced institution or a publisher/editor/contributor of the referenced web resource. The User's relationship to the referenced web resource must be proven.

(7) References ("links") to other Internet offerings may also be included in the directory entry. Reference is made to § 6 para. 3 p. 2. It is not permitted to link to pages whose content violates legal regulations.

(8) The authorized User alone is responsible for all information within the directory entry as well as all conceivable consequences of publishing his or her own data in the "Researchers Directory", the  "Institutions Directory", and the "Web Directory". Clio-online does not check the content of these entries. Express reference is made to Clio-online's privacy policy. These can be found at the following link: . Clio-online expressly accepts no liability for the User.

(9) Clio-online reserves the right to refuse the activation of entries without justification and to remove entries from a directory. There is no legal entitlement to be included in the Researchers Directory, the Institutions Directory , or the Web Directory, or to remain therein.