AGB - § 9 Copyright

(1) The copyright to essays, reviews, articles and all other texts and multimedia materials or objects created for publication with the direct involvement of a Clio-online specialist editorial team remains with the author of the respective contribution.

(2) By sending contributions by email, or feeding them into web forms provided as part of the various services of Clio-online, the author of the contributions, referred to in § 7 para. 1, grants Clio-online and associated partners the non-exclusive right to use the contributions in electronic and non-electronic form. Clio-online is authorized by the author to grant rights of use to associated partners. This right includes all future and present forms of use intended by Clio-online and associated partners. This right of use is unrestricted and independent of all other uses that an author intends to make of his contribution.

(3) For the purpose of digital archiving, contributions or works may also be passed on to external institutions (e.g., the German National Library) in the public interest and be referenced there. This transfer always takes place within the framework of explicit agreements that do not contradict the terms of use set out here.

(4) The User is hereby expressly informed that no internationally uniform copyright exists. With regard to the contributions published by Clio-online in Germany, German copyright law applies; with regard to the contributions published by any foreign partners, express reference is made to the possibility of the application of the respective national law, which may differ from the German or European legal situation.

(5) The services and contributions offered by Clio-online are predominantly works protected by copyright. The User may use the Services and Contributions only in the manner offered and exclusively for his personal use.

(6) The services and contributions may be stored on a medium for private and other personal use and may be passed on to third parties for scientific purposes. However, no changes of any kind may be made in the process. The Services or Contributions may not, however, be transferred to third parties for commercial purposes or be made publicly available to other persons in any way for purposes that are contrary to law.

(7) For the use of services and contributions by third parties, the written consent of the relevant editorial staff of Clio-online, the author or publisher and any collaborating partners involved must be obtained. A reference to the source (copyright notice) must always be included in agreement with Clio-online or the collaborating partners involved.

(8) Authors or publishers can specify that individual services and contributions are to be published under one of the standard licenses of the organization "Creative Commons" ( The publication of a contribution under a Creative Commons license must be coordinated with the responsible editor or editors. In this case, § 9, para. 7 is not applicable.